Special Offers


 There is 20% off all our massages during March.

If you have massages regularly with us, then you will already know, how fantastic Nicole is....if you've never had one with us, or it's been a while, then there is no better time to book an appointment and treat yourself.

Nicole has limited slots this month, so please book in advance wherever possible.

First come, first served.


Also, this month will see the introduction of 2 new treatments !!!

DERMAPLANING and MICRONEEDLING will be available towards the end of the month.

DERMAPLANING is a form of manual exfoliation that:

. Removes layers of dead skin cells

.Removes peach fuzz and facial hair

. Softens fine lines and wrinkles

.Helps make skin smoother and glow

.Helps make up application appear clearer

.Helps product applications (cleanser, moisturisers, serums & peels) go deeper inside the pores and work effectively.

MICRONEEDLING  is a fairly new treatment, the benefits are:

.Reduces the visibility of scars

.Reduces pore size

.Improves skin tone and texture

.Reduces visbility of fine line and wrinkles

.Slows down the ageing process

.Helps skin products penetrate and be more effective.

We will update the page as soon as these treatments go live.